Dental Support

Dental Support Specialties

It is difficult to find great employees who not only excel at their jobs but can are also reliable when things get hectic. With the decline in the unemployment rate, chances are the ideal employee for you already have a job. For those reasons, you might want to consider using dental support services to handle your answering service and dental insurance verification.

Dental Answering Service

A standard answering service doesn’t cater to any one specific industry. Therefore, callers won’t necessarily get the information they need when they reach the operator. A patient may reach someone with no idea about the treatments you offer or how specific dental plans work.

A dental answering service is equipped to handle these types of questions and more about your practice over the phone. A trained staff is able to handle scheduling, dental insurance verifications, and any customer service issues. They can also get around your unique practice software through secure remote access to schedule appointments.

Accountability That You Deserve

Few dentists would be able to summarize exactly what their office management staff gets done in one day. They don’t truly know how many conversations they had or the quality of their work. Most of the time, dentists invest in employees who don’t live up to their vision and don’t help build their patient base.

Whether you recently underwent a high turnover, or need to be added support, a dental answering service provides the best of both worlds in terms of customer service. On a daily basis, you will be provided with a summary of all the dental answering service accomplished for you every day. This way you will see exactly how your investment is working for your practice.

An Extension of Your Practice’s Image

Anytime someone calls your dental practice, they receive a glimpse of how your staff operates. If the call is answered by voicemail or a person with no knowledge about your practice, that will leave a bad lasting impression. Since most patients won’t call back again if the service was poor initially, it is crucial to capture their attention on the first try.

Remember that a high-quality dental answering service is not a replacement for voicemail or an answering machine. It is a professional team dedicated to contacting patients with upcoming appointments, reminding them of upcoming payments due, and post-op calls to check on patient’s progress. When you start receiving thanks for the follow-up reminders, and knowledgeable customer service callers you will be glad you opted for an effective dental support service.