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Not Associating with us

Earning potential capped

Less flexible schedule

May have to go corporate

Always an associate

Limited by hours worked

Associating with us

Financial stability
($180K average)

Flexible schedule
(1–5 days)

Mentorship opportunities

Become a co-owner

Up to 30%


Meet Dr. Megan Kottman

“I graduated dental school in 2015. I took a job at a small practice in Ashville, Ohio as an associate. Elevate Dental Partners managed the practice, and in 2½ years, they helped me grow the practice.

Working with this practice group has made ownership accessible and amenable. In my third year of practice, I am now a part-owner of 2 practices and continue to grow. Look forward to buying more in the future!”

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We’re dentists building a local practice group whose brand will be recognized exclusively throughout the region for delivering exceptional quality of care, in-network value and great patient experiences.

Elevate Dental Partners management team

Associate Options


Associate Transition Plan

This plan is structured in a way that allows you to come into the practice you are planning to purchase, as an associate, with a formal agreement that will eventually lead to equal practice ownership. The possession of the practice occurs in stages of buying, which is similar to the CO-OP plan, but at an extended pace. This offers you a longer time period to become accustomed to the practice as well as make necessary payments in installments rather than a lump sum.

  1. Flexibility to make payments on the practice.
  2. Ability to work within practice before becoming a full-time owner.
  3. Access to dentists who are the most eligible and recommended.

Associate Profit Sharing Plan

Looking for dental practice buyers? There are always those seeking buyers that also just aren’t ready to transition out of their practice. These sellers are usually looking to sell in 1-5 years’ time. These are often dentists who have been practicing for an extended period of time and are looking for a reputable and reliable dentist to sell to. We can help you pair up with these sellers and help you build that relationship before transitioning into the practice as the new owner.

  1. We bring forward dental practices that have a healthy patient-base.
  2. This plan allows you a window of time to plan your finances before buying.
  3. We help build your relationship and credibility with the seller.
  4. We act as your advisor every step of the way.

If you’re entering the next phase of your career and are looking for an associateship, we will work with you to plan your next move based off of your specific needs.

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Dr. Lauren was an associate dentist for 7 years. She worked with Elevate Dental Partners in 2018 and now owns 2 practices.

“With EDP, I’ve been able to maximize my potential, make the smartest business choices, and with minimal headache. I am able to focus on my dentistry at work, my family at home, while also growing thriving practices.”

—Dr. Lauren Fields, DDS

Decrease stress and expenses

patients, profits
& practice value

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