Associate dentist for 7 years

Did not own a practice

Lacked clinical freedom

Only had 3½ days a week worth of work

Bored as an associate

path to

She joined Elevate Dental Partners to recapture her dreams.

“I was bored as a dental associate after 7 years in practice. The practices I worked in struggled with inertia and excessive overhead expenses, which negatively affected my income and clinical freedom. I was looking for the right formula in business partnership, knowing I’d prefer to not work solo.”


Dr. Lauren bought 2 practices in 68 days

Premier Dental of Oakwood Room
Dr. Lauren and her team

The practices collect
$1.6Ma year




Now has autonomy


Will double personal income in 2019


Her patients are actually her patients


“I am so happy to know that my patients and staff are happy at work day-to-day and I have the support of EDP and their exceptional business model to back me up.”


“With EDP, I’ve been able to maximize my potential, make the smartest business choices, and with minimal headache.  I am able to focus on my dentistry at work, my family at home, while also growing thriving practices.”

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