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Buying Solo

7-day work week

Work work balance

8–10% broker fee

Personally responsible

100% bank liability

Smaller lending potential

Riskier financing

Lower practice value: 72% when you buy

Individual practices sell at 78–80% of value

Buying with us

4-day work week

Work life balance

No broker/buying fees

Profit share

No money down

Not personally responsible

You don’t sign a loan

Higher practice value: 90% when you buy

Group practices sell at 90–100% of value

Be an owner that already has proven management systems that is profitable.

Are you a single, first-time buyer or entrepreneur buyer? If you buy a practice with us, we can give you up to 20% of the practice for free. Buy a practice with no finance or money down.

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“With EDP I bought two practices within 68 days.

I’ve been able to maximize my potential, make the smartest business choices, and with minimal headache. I am able to focus on my dentistry at work, my family at home, while also growing thriving practices. They accelerated my goals and results.”

—Dr. Lauren Fields, DDS



Associate Transition Plan

Associate Profit Sharing Plan

Buy 10–30% Co-op Plan

Buy 40% Merger Plan

Entrepreneur Plan

As experienced advisors in the dental industry, we can help you make a smart and calculated decision when it comes to buying a dental practice. We have different programs that not only help sellers transition out but help buyers like you, transition into your own practice!

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Let us teach you how to buy a dental practice and become a successful, entrepreneurial dentist with passive income.

Buying a practice is a big decision that involves a hefty investment. There is much to consider during the planning stage, including possible funding methods, the overall timeline, and whether to purchase an existing practice or start from the ground up.

Yet the benefits of buying a practice are undeniable. You can build wealth and plan for fruitful retirement, it all can be incorporated into the business. Pay for living expenses with pre-tax dollars when they are claimed as necessary business costs. A dental practice is a great investment with a high-profit margin, predictable market outcome, and ease of achieving financing approval.


Buy a practice you are interested in. We will help you find and purchase an individual practice or multiple practices. No broker/ buying fees. Keep 8-10+ percent more on a traditional buy.

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Decrease stress and expenses

patients, profits
& practice value

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