Dental Practice
Listings in Ohio

  • Practice Listing #0102

    Location: Grove City within 20 minutes of Columbus, OH.
    Collections: $1,500,000 on 4 days per week.
    Operatories: 5 with digitally equipped.

  • Practice Listing #0101

    Location: Granville, OH within 15 minutes from New Albany
    Collections: $1,400,000.
    Operatories: 7 with Cone Beam, Fully Digital, E4D Many procedures referred out.

  • Practice Listing #1105

    Location: Within 45 minutes South of Columbus and 40 minutes North of Cincinnati, OH.
    Collections: On track for $780,000,000.
    Operatories: 8 equipped.
    Notes: High income for Doctor, and Best Opportunity for Growth and Work Life Balance.

  • Practice Listing #1106

    Location: South of Columbus 30 minutes, OH.
    Collections: $900,000.
    Operatories: 8 with and digitally equipped.

  • Practice Listing #1107

    Location: 1 hour North of Columbus, OH.
    Collections: $920,000.

  • Practice Listing #0202

    Location: Marysville, OH. Startup
    Operatories: 3 with 7 potential.
    Notes: Get to own and only work 3 days. Work Life Balance

  • Practice Listing #0203

    Location: Bexley, OH. Startup
    Notes: Get to own and only work 3 days Work Life Balance





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