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On Your Own

No management services

Work longer hours

More stress

More time managing staff

Pay more for supplies

Less time to enjoy life

Managed by Us

3-day work week

Proven profitable systems

Work less

Reduce staff stress

Discounted supplies and lab pricing

More profit and less dentistry

You define your success, we accelerate your results.


Our highly inclusive model is built to benefit dentists and patients by leveraging scale, coordinated marketing, and operational/dental management support.

We understand that every practice and dentist have its own timelines and goals. Elevate Dental Partners has structured collaborative agreements to suit dentists at all stages in their career. We understand all cycles of practice ownership because we’ve lived them as independent practice owners, just like you.

Elevate Dental Partners management team


Practice Offering Associated Affiliated Managed
CE credits in the Premier Dental Study Club
20% Discount on AAOSH Membership
Discounted Lab Pricing
Discounted Supplies through Henry Schein
Group purchasing on equipment.
Weekly Operational Review with Regional Manager Monthly Monthly Monthly
Bi-Annual Meeting with COO
Bi-Annual Meeting with CMO
Bi-Annual Meeting with Clinical Director
4 Year Contract (48 Months)
Purchase Offer: UP to 80% UP to 85% UP to 88%
OSHA Audit
Human Resources Manuals and Protocols.
Operational / Marketing / Clinical & Financial Systems Implemented
Regional Manager to work (In/On your Practices 4 Hours a month)
Bi-Annual Staff Training
Marketing Management ($2,500 Monthly Marketing Spend required.)
Employee Sharing (with many practices) schedule dependent.
Coverage Dentists when available.($500 for 6 hour day / $700 for 8 hour day)
Access to traveling 1099 specialty Dentists. (45% of collections.)
SEO Management
Option to move to Dentrix Ascend at Premier Dental discounted rate.
Use of the Premier Dental of Ohio Brand
Public Relations Campaigns Inclusion*
Employee Sharing (with Sister Practices) if available

* Branded partners typically experience 10–20% growth in 1st year
** All partners should experience profit growth through cost reconstructing

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“I sold one practice to Elevate Dental Partners with no broker.

EDP allowed me to relieve stress and debt liability and also stay on as an investor in that practice. Due to those results, I joined my other practice into a management services agreement and have increased monthly revenue by $10,000!”

—Dr. Rob Gardner, DDS

Decrease stress and expenses

patients, profits
& practice value

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