Full-time mother and new graduate

Did not own a practice

High student loans

Feared lack of autonomy

Feared having to work in a corporate environment

path to

She joined Elevate Dental Partners and became an entrepreneur.

“I graduated dental school in 2015. I took a job at a small practice in Ashville, Ohio as an associate. Elevate Dental Partners managed the practice, and in 2½ years, they helped me grow the practice.”


Dr. Megan now co-owns 2+ dental practices

Ashville, Ohio
Dr. Megan and her staff

and has equity of
$250K in first 3 years




Enjoys autonomy


$400K+ buyout potential—at any time


3 years away from practice being debt free

More security for family


“Elevate Dental Partners takes the worries out of management and allows me to be a dentist and a mother.”



“Working with this practice group has made ownership accessible and amenable. In my third year of practice, I am now a part-owner of 2 practices and continue to grow. Look forward to buying more in the future!”

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