Full-time dentist with a single practice in Piqua, Ohio

Only owned one practice

High staff stress

Only $56K/month in collections

Not saving enough for retirement

Path to

She partnered with Elevate Dental Partners and secured her future.

“Before joining EDP, my monthly collections were $56,000 a month. I was unhappy, and not sure about my future. Especially about making the amount of money that I could. I joined EDP management support services and sold 60% of my practice.”


Dr. Lytha is a co-owner of
2+ dental practices

Sunset Dental
Dr. Lytha and her staff

Monthly collections
30% growth




Collections went up in the first 6 months


Personal income more than $100K higher than last year


No more worries


“At age 62, I’m making more money, having more fun, with no more worries.”



“With some of my proceeds from the sale, I have reinvested and bought into 2 more practices. I could not be happier with the way my future is shaping up to be!”

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