Mark Alexandrunas, D.M.D.

Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner

About Elevate Dental Partners

Elevate Dental Partners is a trusted brand for high-quality dental care. Our organization provides reliable support to both dentists and patients.

Founded by a dedicated dentist committed to his craft, along with his skilled partners, Elevate Dental Partners’ mission is to provide support, security and dentistry experience to other doctors. Our partnerships are very selective, with a focus on top-notch processes and superior patient experiences. We aim to secure your successful dental career in an unstable landscape.

Our ownership model uses a leveraging scale, coordinated marketing, and operational support. The process is very inclusive and designed to benefit both dental professionals and patients. We help budding practices thrive by supporting critical business functions; this allows dentists and their teams to focus on delivering excellent patient care.

The goal of Elevate Dental Partners is to empower dentists by protecting the promise of your career and promoting a brand recognized for exceptional care.

Meet Our Founder: Dr. Mark Alexandrunas

Dr. Mark Alexandrunas has been pleased to be part of the rapid success of all the doctors in this local practice group, Elevate Dental Partners, Premier Dental Partners of Ohio, and Premier Dental of Ohio!

Dr. Mark Alexandrunas’ started his life as a young farm boy outside of Pittsburgh. When he was 14, he was inspired by his uncle to become a dentist. Mark saw his uncle’s profession as his calling as well. He was captivated by the way dentists transform imperfect smiles, relieve pain and promote both oral health and overall well-being.

After earning his BS in Pre-Medical Studies at the University of Dayton, Dr. Mark Alexandrunas continued his education at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine where he earned his DMD. Mark and his wife Jules met in college at the University of Dayton.

Dr. Mark gained valuable experience as his practice in Granville expanded, his group of top dentists helps build his quality brand, known for patient satisfaction and high value. Premier Dental of Ohio evolved from this notion. When Mark is not providing excellent dental care in Granville, he is working closely with other doctors and their teams.

The Wave of Change

“I Founded this for Doctor by Doctor Group to fend off the Corporate Takeover. I Feared: Corporate Dental Trend, Increased Government Regulations, Decreased Insurance Reimbursement, Patients Sentiment of Dentistry as a Commodity and Loyalty Decreasing, Increasing Marketing of New Practices as The Boomer Dentists Retire, Increased Student Debt and Mindset of Work-Life Balance, and Lack of Lending to New Grades. I knew I wouldn’t be able to be a complete dentist practice owner and compete with the Movement of the Times nor have enough time to get out of the ‘Wave’ so I decided to Embrace it, get a Better Boat, and Invite Dentists to Hop-In. As I know, most of us dentists are self-aware and independent; we want to be on the beach on our terms and not Shipwrecked. Most practices and owner dentists never hit their true potential and surprisingly are in difficult financial situations. I have created a Model for Dentist Owners that allows the Independent Owner Dentist to Stay Independent and Successful. If you know Change is Coming…I will show you how to grow, develop, and successfully position yourself for a strong future in this rapidly changing market.” – Dr. Mark Alexandrunas

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