Dentist in Clintonville, Ohio

Tired and worn out

Frustrated and stressed

Staff not engaged

Practice was 80% Medicaid

Path to

Dr. Rob was looking for reasons to not to be at work so he contacted Elevate Dental Partners to make a change.

“I sold one practice to Elevate Dental Partners with no broker. EDP allowed me to relieve stress and debt liability and also stay on as an investor in that practice. Due to those results, I joined my other practice into a management services agreement and increased monthly revenue!”


Dr. Rob’s practice grew
$12K a month

And revenues went up
$142k with no additional days worked




Higher patient satisfaction


Staff fully onboard


Personal income way up


Rejuvenated about dentistry and his career


The biggest change was in his attitude—he’s now optimistic and excited about his work!



Dr. Rob wants to continue growing his practice and is doing the Entrepreneurship Model. He’s looking to be a part-owner in more practices and has even recommended Elevate Dental Partners to a friend.

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