Ensure Safe & Healthy Dental Office

How Does a Dentist Ensure a Safe and Healthy Dental Office?

Visiting the dentist can often leave many feeling anxious. Some may be curious as to what their dental office does to ensure a safe and healthy environment. As a trusted dental clinic, you want to help answer these warranted concerns and offer an enjoyable and healthy experience for your patients. Read on to learn more about three common procedures for maintaining safety in

  • What practices are used to keep a dental office clean and healthy? Maintaining the cleanliness of a dental office is a vital way to stop the spread of bacteria and infections that can harm individuals. The members of your dental staff should thoroughly disinfect areas such as the waiting room, exam rooms, and sterilize any tools or instruments being used during an exam or procedure. Disposable tools also provide a for a safer area, and a dental staff that wears face masks and gowns when treating patients can contribute to a clean and healthy dental office.
  • Protective eyewear helps to prevent the spread of germs and harmful bacteria that spray out of patients’ mouth’s or from sneezing and coughing. They may be needed for patients to protect the eyes from spraying water due to the dental tools.
  • A dental dam is made up of a thin latex material used to cover an area in the patient’s mouth and avoid direct contact between surfaces. It also helps to provide improved visibility for the dental staff member.

These habits help to create clean and healthy practices for your dental staff and patients.