Karl Alexandrunas

Chief Operations Officer & Founding Partner

Karl Alexandrunas, Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder.

Karl brings a strong understanding of the marketplace having successfully run multiple practices. Prior to his work with Premier Dental, Karl served as a Regional Manager with the North American Dental Group. Karl was an ideal fit to join in 2007 after Mark (his brother) purchased his first practice and sought a capable expert in dental management.

Since then, Karl has been an essential component in the growth of Premier DSO. His contributions extend beyond operations, sharing the duties of business development, contract negotiation and new practice acquisitions.

As a highly analytical and creative problem solver, Karl is able to diagnose practice issues and prescribe solutions to drive growth and revenue. As he likes to say “there are no new problems, only new offices”. Karl holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Dayton.

He enjoys cycling, working outdoors and spending time with his wife Jill and their children Ella and Preston.