Doug Hudoba, D.D.S.

Vice President & Partner

Although his father was a periodontist, Doug Hudoba took a more circuitous path to dentistry while growing up in the area of Youngstown, OH. Before Doug chose to study dentistry, he first pursued training in the fields of Zoology and Cardiac Physiology. The expertise that he brings to our team is invaluable, so we’re glad he ultimately decided on dentistry as his area of study.

If you ask his loyal patients, Dr. Hudoba is known for his personal and considerate nature, bringing an extra level of care to their dental appointments. He firmly believes that the most important characteristic for a dentist to have is empathy.

“Treat the person in front of you as you would want to be treated. Earning the patient’s trust allows them to relax, and that’s when great outcomes take place.”

Fun Facts about Dr. Hudoba

Dr. Hudoba received his bachelor of science in Zoology at Miami University and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the College of Dentistry at the Ohio State University.

Doug met his wife Jamie for the first time while they were in college together at Miami University.

His wife Jaime now works for the OSU James Cancer Center on a fundraising development team.

Outside of the office, Doug is highly inquisitive and always trying to learn new and exciting things. When he is relaxing with his wife and friends, Dr. Hudoba likes to cook with ingredients grown in his own garden. He even bottles hot sauce from his secret recipe.